6 Free & Paid Email Marketing Resources


Did you now that a group called the Direct Marketers Association claims that for every dollar spent on email marketing, the ROI is approximately $43.52? Using that number as a point of reference, email marketing beats out both PPC advertising and social media in terms of ROI. Find more amazing email marketing statistics here.

If you’re not already using email as part of your online marketing campaign, it’s time to get with the program! The great thing about using email is that it’s suitable for just about ANY type of business, online or offline. You can use it to send coupons, discounts, updates, blog posts, promotions and so much more. Trust me, you can find more than one way to make email work for your business.

So where do you start? Check out some of my personal recommendations in the list below. Most of these are free, or nearly free (at least to try!). So don’t put it off another day, let’s get going!


The #1 choice for internet marketers and the paid email marketing service that I personally use. AWeber comes with all the bells and whistles you could possibly need, including: custom reporting, lead segmenting, Paypal integration, autoresponder messages, blog broadcasts, an easy to use opt-in form builder and all the juicy statistics that matter. Track metrics like email opens, link clicks and even revenue from your list! Highly recommended and reasonably priced at just $19.00/month to start. Get your first month of AWeber for a buck by clicking here!


This is an awesome FREE newsletter service recently acquired by MailChimp. It allows you to import email addresses if you already have a subscriber list, and has some customization options for your sign-up page and design elements. It tracks how many subscribers open each newsletter you send out as well. Supports customized welcome message and provides HTML embed code to use on your own site. Options for both free and paid newsletters.


A no-nonsense way to start a paid newsletter! This free application is simple and easy to use, but only allows paid content (1 cent/month minimum). The coolest thing about this app is the unique email address it generates for your newsletter. Whenever you want to create new content and send it out to your subscriber list, you simply email it to your unique address, and it will automatically distribute your newsletter!


This is a neat little app that adds some nice flair to your digital gift cards. Do you hold blog contests that award readers with free Amazon gift cards? If so, this is a great resource for you to check out. In fact, if you award digital gift cards for any promotions or marketing campaigns, I highly recommend giving GiftWhip a try. It basically creates a visually appealing email design that “wraps” your online gift cards and even allows you to add a countdown to each one! Visit the site to learn more about how it works.

Brand My Mail

This is an amazing browser extension that I added to Chrome which allows you to create branded email templates! You can add plugins for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Quora and tons of other social sites! They also have dozens of customization options for your email signature, banner, header and everything else. You can create templates for multiple brands and select them from a drop down list that shows up in gmail after installing the extension. The visual appeal you can achieve using this free resource is every bit as professional and high-quality as a paid email marketing service, in my opinion.

FREE Email Templates

Great collection of free html email templates that are compatible with all major email clients! Each template download comes with html files and psd as well.


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