7 Places to Promote Your Free Kindle Erotica

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sexy lips 300x187 photoWhile I have a strong suspicion that 50 Shades of Gray was probably quite tame by the standards set by true erotica, I can’t say for sure since I haven’t actually read the book.

I don’t care to, I have a feeling it would be disappointing and lame for someone like me who is hard to impress when it comes to adult-themed content in general.

Given my background in the adult industry, I may be a bit desensitized to mainstream stuff that excites and even shocks your average person. But aside from all of that, I don’t like Amazon’s inconsistent policies regarding what is “offensive” content according to their publishing guidelines.

While they remain unclear about what they find objectionable, the fact remains that free kindle erotica is being downloaded by the thousands on a daily basis and has a huge and hungry audience of readers. For these reasons, it’s a highly profitable genre to experiment with.

Here’s one ridiculous example which got a lot of press recently. Check out this Kindle book titled Taken by the T-Rex, a dinosaur erotica about some fantasy world where dinosaurs apparently have semi-consensual sex with human females. Yeah, I’m still scratching my head over that one too.

But the thing is, it has tons of positive reviews and the author has published nearly twenty books and they seem to mostly all be under 10,000 words. The one I bought just to find out how terrible it probably was only weighed in at about 5,000 words. That’s like a freakin’ short story, not a book.

So anyhow, I recently shared some of my top picks for promoting your KDP Select free days on Amazon. Unfortunately, almost all of the mainstream sites are not erotica-friendly. However, there are a couple that have setup separate sites specifically for erotica books and there are some sites that even specialize in featuring erotica.

So today we’re going to take a look at my top 7 picks for promoting your free Kindle erotica books.

Free Erotica Dude

FreeBookDude is one of the mainstream sites for promoting your free days on Amazon, and they’ve setup a separate site for erotica book submissions.

Not much to say here, it’s free to submit and their site appears to list free books nicely with a cover image and they claim to have a large list of people who want to know when free erotica books are available on Kindle, so it couldn’t hurt.

One Hundred Free Books

This is another one of the mainstream free book sites and I recently discovered they have an erotica section hiding behind an age verification. This is one of the more popular sites too, so they have a big audience.

It remains unclear how you are supposed to submit erotica books for that category, as they only seem to have one page for the “free book heads up” or whatever they call it. I suppose you would just use this form and mention that your book is erotica in the form or something, but not certain on that.

Just Erotica Books

Another example of a mainstream site that decided to create a separate erotica-friendly version to promote your free days on Kindle. This one asks for some social media love in exchange for submitting your book. Believe you are asked to like them on Facebook or Tweet about them or something like that.

Right now their form appears to be somewhat broken, but hopefully it will be fixed soon and I’d check back at this one as they seem to have a healthy email list to help spread the word about your free Kindle erotica.

Erotica Everyday

This site is devoted to erotica books only and one of the coolest reasons to post here is that they list ALL books, no matter how risque your book or cover is. I dig that a lot personally and encourage everyone who is planning a free promotion for their KDP free days to post their erotica books on this site because they WILL list it.

There is no reason not to take them up on that offer, so I say go for it. On the site it says that they are a division of Author Marketing Club, which I also highly recommend for indie authors.

Wanton Reads

This site is also centered around strictly erotica books that are intended for readers 21 and older, according to the site. Their form is longer and more detailed than most of the other sites, they ask lots of interview style questions like what inspired you to write your book and that sort of stuff.

Another cool thing to note is that they appear to also accept books that are available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and a few others too.

eBook Spice

Last but not least, this is the final site that specifically deals in promoting erotica books that are going free on Kindle. They ask that you submit at least three days in advance before your free promo starts and they also don’t allow graphic images on book covers since they promote on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Can’t hurt to try this one out too while you’re at it.

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  2. Here’s a new one, I just launched. I take erotica kindle books on promo. Submit them at least a day in advance!