7 Rewriting Tips to Turn PLR Articles Into Unique Content

In a previous post, we covered some quick and basic tips for rewriting your PLR content in order to avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines.

Since this is an important issue for any site owner or marketer who is using PLR packages for their website, I have spent some time collecting more of the techniques I have used myself when rewriting PLR material.

Ideally, you should try to use as many of these methods as possible when rewriting, since it will help to increase your rate of uniqueness and gives your site a better chance in the SERPS.

Synonym replacement

If you can think of a different word that essentially means the same thing, use it.

Reorder list Items

If a sentence includes a list of items separated by commas, change the words when possible, but reorder them when they are keywords or cannot be replaced with a synonym.

For example, a sentence that said: “Different varieties of materials are used in burning these products such as gas, gel and electricity”

Would need to be rewritten something like this: “Several types of materials are used in the burning of these products, such as gel, electricity and gas.”

Those two versions of the same sentence are 37.9% unique from one another. However, if you leave the three items listed in the original order, it reduces the uniqueness to a pathetic 21.4%.

Always rephrase adverbs/prepositions

Adverbs and prepositions are easy to rewrite.

Here is an example sentence: “Previously, the steep prices of these heaters mostly kept them out of general use.”

Here is how I would rewrite it: “In the past, the high prices of these heaters prevented most of the general public from using them. “

Make short sentences longer

If a sentence is too short, it will be almost impossible to rewrite it uniquely. This is particularly true for short sentences that contain technical terms or keywords which should not be substituted. For these, simply add a few appropriate words to make it longer and increase the uniqueness.

Here is an example: “Electric heaters cost less in fuel than propane heaters, too.”

Here is how I would rewrite it: “Not to mention, the fuel expenses are less for electric heaters than for propane heaters.”

Break up long sentences

This works just as well as making short sentences longer. For obnoxiously long run-on sentences, try cutting them in half and using two regular sized sentences to say the same thing instead.

Reverse the order of a sentence

This simply means you say almost the same thing, but switch the beginning and ending of a sentence.

Here is an example sentence: “Two weeks before the move, you need to start packing.”

Here is how you can reverse the order: “Start packing your belongings around two weeks before you plan on moving.”

Replace all numerical characters with spelled out numbers

In writing, numbers should always be spelled out. If the original sentence uses numerical characters, replace them with the spelled out version and include proper hyphenation. I do not recommend doing it the other way around for sentences that have the numbers already spelled out correctly.

Here is an example sentence: “There are 4 main types of these for your home.”
Here is the rewrite: “There are four general types available for in home use.”

Hopefully this list has given you a few new ideas to try when rewriting PLR articles that you have purchased in bulk. If you have any other tips that I haven’t included, please feel free to share them in the comments!


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