AirBnB Banned Me Because I’m a Sex Worker

A couple months ago, I signed up for AirBnB.

I was looking for a place to rent for one night for myself, a friend and my dog (Bub).

I provided all of the requested info to confirm my identity when setting up the account (photo ID, selfie, etc).

After browsing rentals, I found one that allowed pets and seemed perfect for our night at the coast.

Made the reservation and my card was charged.

The owner of the property messaged me via Airbnb to let me know the booking had come through and offering to accommodate any special requests I had.

I wrote them back thanking them and everything seemed to be set.


I went to login to my account to check on the address of the place I had booked, and couldn’t seem to find it where it should have been…there was also a weird notice at the top of screen when I logged in.

Something wasn’t right.

After some digging, I figured out what had happened.

AirBnB cancelled my reservation and terminated my account. They refused to explain why.

I got a standard email claiming I violated some bullshit rule, with a link to their terms of service.

After scanning it, I saw NOTHING applicable to me whatsoever.

But after some Googling, I discovered this story about another user having their account closed simply for being a sex worker.


That could explain it now, couldn’t it?

Of course, you’d think that AirBnB would include this in their list of terms and conditions. But they don’t.

Just yet another case of corporations blatantly discriminating against sex workers and getting away with it.

They are certainly not alone…

LinkedIn doesn’t want sex workers to use their platform. Even if the type of sex work they engage in is legal.

They don’t care if you’re a prostitute who works legally in Nevada. You’re still not welcome there.

Paypal will ban your account for ANYTHING adult in nature, period. But to their credit, at least they specifically tell you that in their “Acceptable Use Policy.”