Attending the Headline Clinic Webinar from Copyblogger


I subscribed to Copyblogger years ago now, and it’s true that 9 out of 10 times, I can’t help but click their headlines.

Either it sounds outrageous and I must read more to confirm that the claim is too good to be true, or I am actually worried about what I could be doing wrong and eagerly start scanning the post to learn from the advice of writers with far more experience and expertise than myself.

In fact, there is a long list of reasons behind what makes their headlines stand out against all the others I scroll through each day in my feed reader. There are several different techniques used for writing effective headlines, and each is intended to elicit a specific response from the reader.

A headline should motivate the reader to click and keep reading, just like the first page of a great book always gets turned.

When I saw that their editor Jon Morrow and Sonia Simone were offering a free webinar, I was instantly intrigued and registered to reserve my spot right away.

On December 12th, they offered this free report about how to improve your blog headlines and apply proven strategies to make your writing more convincing and appealing to your readers.

Until Christmas, the 55-page report was offered as a free download that did not require an email opt-in.


I guarantee that the report is worth more than your email address. I added some notes as I read through it, and had a great handful of new ideas for my blog by the time I was finished.

It’s called Headline Hacks and contains tons of headline writing “templates” that can be used for any type of blog, regardless of the topic or niche.

The following day, they posted an invitation to attend their Headline Clinic webinar. There were a few very powerful and convincing sentences on the page that got my attention and made me take immediate action.


The first was: “There is absolutely nothing for sale”

That made it clear to me that there was no hidden sales strategies that would sneak up at some point. This was not a demo, it was just to help out writers/bloggers with one of the most important elements of blog writing success.

So how was the webinar going to illustrate these headline hacks in order to help writer’s improve…?

The answer was found on their blog invitation, where attendees were asked to register and also to bring with them: “A headline you want to make stronger. Or even a thin, vague, wispy idea for a headline. We’ll help you make it great.

After I was all registered and setup for the webinar, I received an email with the details and instructions on where to email one of my headlines that could use a little help. The only thing disappointing about the whole experience was that I couldn’t find one to bring!

I searched through my blog ideas and past headlines for something that I thought would be acceptable. That was me letting my own insecurities and self-doubt get in the way of what would have been an even cooler experience. Oh well, my loss!

I was still looking forward to sitting in the presentation and checking out what they had to say. I added it to my Google Calendar and waited impatiently for a couple of days to pass. Since there was limited space, I showed up early and waited for the webinar to begin.

Once Jon and Sonia started talking, I was hanging onto their every word. The 15 examples they chose to include were as great as the suggestions they had for each of them. It made me kick myself even more for not having the guts to have sent one in.

They offered several suggestions for each example headline, each with a couple of slight variations. They did an outstanding job of explaining their advice also.

I really appreciated their honesty and frankness throughout the webinar. If they thought something wouldn’t work, they said so. They did their best to offer everyone ideas on how to write about their topic in a way that would engage their audiences the most.

They also did their best to answer questions from the attendees during the presentation, which was going above and beyond what you can expect from most people who are already doing something to help you with no strings attached to begin with.

These people clearly know what they are talking about, and they talk about it well. They obviously care a great deal about their readers, writing and helping others just for the sake of generosity.

If you missed the live webinar, be sure to check out the replay here.

If the Copyblogger team decides to offer any free webinars in the future, you can be I will sign up even quicker the second time around. I know that I will not let my own fear hold me back from being an active participant if I get another chance to interact!

If you are a writer or blogger who is serious and determined to be a success, Copuyblogger is a great place to start. Subscribe to the blog, download the free reports and attend the live webinars! You will be in for a treat.


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