First Day Writing for BoostCTR

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So I recently found out about a site called, which basically acts as a crowdsourcing platform to match up copywriters with companies who are using paid search advertising to promote their business. Basically, writers take an admission test and if they are accepted, they can then browse ad contests and submit short PPC text ads which they will be paid for in the event that the contest holder approves it.

This is kind of cool because obviously PPC ads are short as hell. But every word counts, and it’s sometimes quite challenging to cram a meaningful message into as little as two lines each as few as 35 characters. That’s like…less than 1/2 a tweet, for fuck’s sake. 

As you can probably imagine, using keywords is a requirement for most PPC ads. They are obviously trying to catch the attention of search users who enter specific terms and are looking for the products and services offered by the companies advertising. Makes enough sense. 

Your job as a writer for BoostCTR is to optimize these tiny little text ads and to deliver on the promise of actually, well, boosting their click-through rates. 

The admissions test freaked me out considerably, because it basically shows you two versions of an ad for the same company and asks you which one you believe was the winner of the two. It then asks you to explain your selections and mentions something about how your reasoning matters as much to them as whether you picked the winning ad or not.

Not sure why that freaked me out so much, but I made sure to take my time with the test and I provided really thorough answers for each ad comparison. I skipped a few and came back to them, and reviewed all my answers a second time before finally submitting it. That was on February 21st.

So today, I see an email from them in my inbox. Here’s what it said:

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Welcome email from BoostCTR.

After this email showed up, I received a couple more which had links to setup my writer account. After logging in and checking out the current contests, I have already submitted two ads which are still currently pending. 

I am excited to start writing for BoostCTR because it is very much a crowdsourcing platform in much the same way as SquadHelp or Interact Media. I am looking forward to sharing more results as I become more familiar with how it all works.

Has anyone else written for BoostCTR?

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One Response to First Day Writing for BoostCTR

  1. Leo says:

    Ashly,How long did it take to receive mail from Boost CTR after approval??

    Thank you!