Free Mega List of Self-Publishing Resources

bookbaby graphic 300x153 photoSo since I have published two more books in the past month or so, I’ve been revisiting a lot of links from my personal mega list of self-publishing resources. I have spent some time updating the list lately, as I discovered even more cool sites that help you self-publish your work.

This is a personal master list of all the helpful sites I’ve stumbled upon since I published my first memoir, back in 2010. It includes everything from print-on-demand publishing companies ( is my favorite) to professional cover designers and much more.

This list is for anyone who needs help with things like

As always, each site has been hand picked by me and I have checked each one out thoroughly, even if I didn’t end up needing to use it for my own books. I hope you find this as useful as I have, enjoy! Right click and choose “save as” to download a copy of the list on your hard drive. Clicking on the button will open the list in your browser.

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