A Christian Woman’s Guide to Breaking Free From Pornography – W.T.F?

Okay, this is an all out rant. I can’t help myself. I don’t like attacking people for no reason, but when I feel like I DO have a reason, then all hell breaks loose.

So I opened up my Google+ account today, and the first thing that I see is a post for a new book entitled “A Christian Woman’s Guide to Breaking Free From Pornography: It’s not Just a Guy’s Problem.”

Overcome by sarcastic curiosity, I absolutely had to click it and check out the website.

First, before we continue with this very opinionated post, I would like to add a disclaimer: I HAVE NOT actually read this book.

I did, however, download the free sample offered on the website. I must say that glancing at the table of contents turned me off quite a bit. I struggled to make my way through the introduction, but couldn’t bring myself to finish even that much.

Okay, so here we go. I’m going to run down my list of very big personal issues I have with this entire concept, in no particular order.

Porn is Free, The Cure Will Cost You

Most porn on the internet is free, but curing yourself of your online porn addiction will cost you $3.99!

This is all that the authors of this book are going to charge their fellow Christian women who are “suffering from an addiction.”¬†Seems pretty reasonable to me.

$3.99 is a nominal fee for getting God’s help on something like porn addiction, after all.

Strategically Priced

What pisses me off the most is how strategic the authors were in pricing this book on Amazon. Think they pulled the $3.99 price point out of their asses? Or maybe consulted with God on how much they should charge to do his job here?

Think again.

$3.99 is the minimum price required by Amazon for eligibility into their 70% royalty program for authors. That means that these people weren’t willing to settle for the 35% profit they would have made per book sale, had they priced it lower than this.

Claiming High Demand Doesn’t Add Up

Taking the last point a step further, the book claims that porn addiction is a widespread problem among the female Christian demographic. But if that’s really true, wouldn’t they expect to sell tons of copies? Wouldn’t it at least seem a likely possibility?

If they had expected tons of sales, I don’t see why they couldn’t have priced it at ninety-nine cents and taken the lower royalty percentage since they could bank on the fact that the book would sell in bulk.

I call bull shit again.

Where Are The Proceeds Going, Exactly?

Given the sensitive nature of this book’s subject matter, I would be very interested in where the profits are going on this product. Is the publisher/author donating the proceeds to the church, I hope?

I doubt it. My guess is the dollars are going straight into their pocket, which makes me slightly sick to my stomach.

Does Not Distinguish Normal Behavior From Addiction

Again, I haven’t read most of this book. However, from what little I did read and from scanning the table of contents, it does not seem to address one of the most important issues related to this entire topic.

As far as I can tell, it does not offer ANY sort of qualifying information to help the reader determine whether or not their consumption of pornography is in fact normal behavior, or if they are exhibiting the traits of a person suffering from an actual, legitimate addiction to said pornography.

Isn’t this, uh, like…KIND OF IMPORTANT?

Forgive me if I’m alone on this one, but I’d like to give the authors the benefit of the doubt here and assume that they are not trying to say that all viewing of porn can be explained by stating that the viewer suffers from an ailment, for fuck’s sake.

Isn’t This God’s Job, Not Yours?

And to wrap this up, my final issue with this entire concept is the fact that really at the end of the day, all these capitalist Christians are doing is chopping up the Bible and spewing out arbitrary quotations from what they claim is an already perfect text.

Why are they qualified to do this?

Is this something that God is even fucking cool with, honestly? Something tells me that the Bible was meant to speak for itself, and these people were not invited to reiterate it according to their own agenda.

But what do I know?

What do you guys think of all this absurdity? Share your reactions in the comments.


How to Make Money Selling Adult Content

Hey there, today I will be introducing you to a new online marketplace where you can create and sell amateur porn. It’s a site called ExtraLunchMoney, and it’s really awesome!

Introduction to Micro-Gig Sites

Maybe you’re familiar with a popular website called Fiverr that launched just over a year ago? In case you haven’t heard of it already, it was an interesting idea based around people selling services and completing tasks for a flat rate of $5 per gig.

As I started using the site and watching it unfold as they added new features and improved various elements of the user experience, I had a moment of inspiration and decided to post a gig offering to send buyers 5 adult photos of myself in exchange for $5.

Gig Sites Not So Adult Friendly

The good news? I made quite an impressive number of sales, somewhat to my surprise!

The not so good news? I soon found out that Fiverr prohibited any “adult-themed” gigs, and it didn’t take them very long to develop an effective gig approval system that made it impossible to create gigs to sell pictures.

My reaction? Someone needed to do this and give users the freedom of choosing what type of gigs they were willing to offer!

The things about Fiverr that basically suck does not end there. In fact, that is just the beginning in a long list of…well, bull shit.

For example, they take an entire dollar out of each sale you make through the site. That means you are actually only getting paid a measly $4 for whatever you are doing! I’m sorry, but that seems like too much to take out of what is such a small profit already!

It didn’t take long at all for about a trillion Fiverr clones to start springing up all over the web. But as far as I am aware, none of them have really taken off in the same way as Fiverr. More recently, they have made it possible for some users to offer upgrade services for additional costs with their gigs.

Then all I could do was wait for someone to see the same opportunity that I saw and create a site for adult gigs. It didn’t take too long, either!

I looked online for a site like the one I had in mind, and the only thing I could find at that time was a very sparingly designed site called FiveJizz. By the looks of things, someone created the site and abandoned it the next day! Not very promising.

Introducing: Extra Lunch Money!

Then, shortly after that I found the subscription form for a newsletter about a site that was soon to launch, called ExtraLunchMoney. The description of the site was exactly what I had been hoping for! I was excited and looked forward to hearing from them and anticipated their site going live!

It would be something like six months later when the site finally went live and I visited the domain for the first time. I had subscribed to the blog they had started shortly before this, and read their articles about where you could sell your adult photos and videos online.

ELM Avenue: Video Interviews With Adult Workers!

I noticed that they also had a category in their blog that featured video interviews. I clicked on it to check it out, and was pleasantly surprised! Their guests were all different types of adult workers from porn stars to authors and some cam girls too! I was immediately intrigued since I have over five years of experience working as an independent female escort.

After I returned to their website, a box in the lower right hand corner of the screen caught my eye. It was a live chat support widget that said I could send a message. So I opened it and wrote a short note, asking the person to please let me know when they had a moment to talk. I got a response right away, and the person on the other side of the screen seemed friendly and inviting.

After introducing myself, I explained that had been following their blog and watching the video interviews they posted there. I explained my background in the adult industry and offered them an interview with me, should they be interested. To my pleasant surprise, I got a positive response and later that day we booked a date for an interview via Skype, which I had never done before.

The gentleman’s name who I had spoke with was Benic, who turned out to be one of the coolest dudes in all of cyberspace! Our interview went very well and was a great experience for me. He was incredibly polite, respectful and quite obviously a very genuine type of person. If you’d like to watch the interview, you can find it here: Life as an Escort (part 2)

Custom Gigs + Paid Downloads = Multi-Income  Potential

I was quick to create my first gig on ELM once they opened the site up and started letting users create custom jobs. More recently, they added an option for paid downloads. That means you now have an opportunity to sell your adult photos and videos. This is exciting since it’s 100% passive income! I’ve sold many of my pics and vids on ELM so far.

Have you already created a couple of jobs on ELM and are wondering how you can start selling and making some money? I wrote a guest post for the ELM blog that talks about How to use Picasa Web Albums to Find New Customers. Be sure to check out some of my tips in there!