Real Faces of Meth


The Faces of Meth project was not an “honest” portrayal of the average methamphetamine addict, I hate to break it to you.

In fact, I have NEVER seen a single addict that looked as awful as the mugshots featured in the project in all the years I’ve used.

The closest I’ve come was my own mother, who went downhill pretty fast over a period of a couple years.

Mostly because she let herself go and had a constant staph infection pretty much everywhere, which was gross.

However, she is the exception and not the norm.

I’ve known a LOT of meth addicts, so I’m qualified to make statements about the blatant disparity between reality and the mugshots in the Faces of Meth project.

Also important to note is the fact that some people simply age more gracefully than others.

And while using drugs is one of many lifestyle choices which may or may not accelerate the aging process, the people in the mugshots could have just as well ended up looking that way if they hadn’t been meth users too.

The Montana Meth Project

Another (even more outrageous) example of over the top and exaggerated portrayals of meth addicts is the Montana Meth Project.

The “people” depicted in their outlandish ads have clearly undergone some Halloween-style Photoshop modifications.

Honestly, they look like posters for a zombie film more than anything in real fucking life.

It’s laughable.

Well, it would be if shit like this wasn’t as damaging to society as it is.


This ad is my personal favorite because of how it practically says “Fuck you, we think you are all dumb fuck retards,” to everyone unfortunate enough to view it.

I can assure you that “15 bucks for sex” isn’t fucking normal on or off any drug on the planet, even if you look as nasty as the bitch pictured in this offensive piece of drug propaganda.define propaganda Google Search

On the contrary, on meth the price for sex and the compensation for those selling it only increases.

Trust me, I would know.

Ten Years of Daily Meth Use

I started using fairly regularly around the age of 17 and haven’t slowed down much, if at all, since then.

I turned 28 in October of 2015, so I have over a decade of daily meth use under my belt.

Here is what that actually looks like, and I apologize in advance for the lack of sensationalism which you’d come to expect after being shown the previous two examples.

 Actual Faces of Meth

As you will notice, I mostly just get fatter slowly over time LOL.

Click any of the thumbnails to view the full-size image.

Meth Isn’t Actually The Problem

Despite what the United States government and the media would have you believe, it’s not the drug that causes the actual problems.

I firmly believe that people use it as both an excuse and a scapegoat for the hideous and selfish choices that some people make.

Because isn’t it easier to blame a drug than to take accountability for your actions or to think that other human beings could have such total disregard for how they treat others?

I think the answer to that is obviously yes.

No one wants to think that some people are just wastes of flesh, sucking up air for no good reason and certainly we don’t like the thought of a person being born completely evil right from the start.

But it doesn’t change the facts or reality.

We need to face that and stop this propaganda war against a drug that is no more responsible for a user’s actions than a gun is for a mass murdering spree.

Meth Won’t Kill You Either

It’s pretty obvious from the flagrant ad from Montana Meth Project seen below that the government and media REALLY wants you to believe that drugs are horrible for your health and will very probably send you to an early grave.


Which begs the question, WHY do they want you to believe that so strongly?!

If you think that all the money being spent on these anti-drug campaigns is done with your best interest in mind, you’re sadly mistaken.

To help answer this question, Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University has an excellent blog post explaining why we are not getting the truth when it comes to illegal substances.