Yet Another OptimizePress 2.0 Review

optimizepress 2.0 review

Okay, so what the hell is Optimize Press, you ask?

For those of you that do not know, it was a WordPress theme that was designed with internet marketers in mind. Meaning, the  pages were styled to resemble landing pages and websites more so than the traditional blog style of a WordPress site.

Optimize Press 2.0, as you probably could have guessed, is the newest release and it’s a whole different beast.

Since I had the first version already, I got an email about the launch at the end of last month and figured I’d sign up as an affiliate during the pre-launch. Afterwards, I did a quick Google search for Optimize Press 2.0 review and was slightly horrified by the hordes of affiliates who were already pushing the product on the internet populace with what I’m sure was strictly fair and truthful recommendations based only on their experience with said product.

Sarcasm is sometimes hard to pick up on when reading, so I’ll just admit to it right now.

At any rate, I figured that I’d join the army of these affiliates and write my own review after I’d had a chance to try it out myself. Why not, right?

I mean, there is certainly no way my review will find its way to the first page of Google and therefore it’s highly unlikely that I’ll even make a single sale as a result of writing this. Luckily for the internet peoples, that isn’t my main motivation.

I’m more in this blogging bull shit to help others and share my own experiences than I am out to earn a commission off of every visitor to my site. That being said, let’s dive into my thoughts on Optimize Press 2.0 since I purchased it and began using it several days ago now.

What Can Optimize Press Actually Do?

Okay, so if you already have a site that uses WordPress, then you are already familiar with themes most likely. For those who don’t currently use WordPress, a theme is essentially like a skin or template that changes the visual appearance of your site.

As you may already know, WordPress also has something called plugins. These like extensions and they add different types of functionality to WordPress when added to your site.

For example, you may want to add social sharing buttons to your blog posts and you would have no problem finding an appropriate plugin to accomplish this, as there are enough to cause a nice case of decision paralysis.

Back to the point — the first version of Optimize Press allowed you to create pages using a number of different page templates that were included. There were different styles for landing pages and sales pages, mostly. It also had lots of customization options too.

They added fields to the page editor which made it easy to copy and paste your autoresponder codes and you could add marketing style headlines and all that jazz.

Optimize Press 2.0 New Features

Okay, so when the creators of Optimize Press said that 2.0 was a completely new product built from the ground up, they weren’t kidding.

Here are a few of the cooler additions in terms of capabilities, at least in my opinion.

  • Comes with a membership plugin that makes it easy to setup membership-style sites with recurring payments via Paypal or your choice of several other payment processors
  • Features a live page editor that allows you to insert content modules and see the changes on the screen immediately
  • Significantly more control over page layout and design of elements

Those are some of the major ones I’ve noticed. There are also new templates which look pretty slick, and they apparently have a monthly membership that is optional if you want to receive new styles and templates on a monthly basis. I skipped that part, as I wasn’t interested. I simply paid the $97 for the core package.

Who Should Buy Optimize Press 2.0?

This is an important point, which is why I gave it a whole section here. Optimize Press 2.0 is not a worthwhile purchase for EVERYONE who simply has a site or blog. It’s really not all that useful if you are strictly a blogger.

I setup a couple new pages on this website using Optimize Press 2.0, but just for an squeeze page with an opt-in form.

I mostly bought it to use on my other sites, which are quite a bit different in terms of my goals.

Most importantly, Optimize Press 2.0 is for website owners who are trying to make money with their website. It’s not well suited for hobby sites or personal blogs. This product is for people marketing products or services in order to make a profit.

My OptimizePress 2.0 Review

I remember when I bought the first version, I wanted to use the theme on certain pages of this website but wanted the rest of my site to continue using the same theme I already had at that time.

Well, since you can’t have two themes in use on the same blog at the same time, that wasn’t possible.

Some people suggested I simply install the theme on a sub directory of my site, which I did end up trying. But that wasn’t really what I wanted to do, or how I wanted to do it.

So that was pretty frustrating.

Luckily, this is no longer an issue with Optimize Press 2.0. Why? Because in the new version, it’s available as both a theme AND a plugin, which achieves the same or similar effect.

That’s probably one of my favorite changes in the new version. If you don’t want to change the look and feel of your entire website, you can just keep using your current theme and then setup pages with Optimize Press styles and templates by installing the plugin instead.

Best of both worlds!

I also really like how you have more control over the layout of pages. Among my favorite content modules are the very underrated additions such as Vertical Spacing (this really does make your pages look better) which is essentially just adding spacer images between the elements on your page. Small tweak, big difference.

What I Didn’t Like About Optimize Press 2.0

Okay, I’d like to first make it clear that I tend to be incredibly stubborn when it comes to things like reading instructions or, God forbid, watching a goddamn video tutorial that would probably make my life so much simpler. Screw all of that!

I have a strong preference for simply digging in, getting my hands dirty and figuring it out on my own and as I experiment.

What this results in is tons of time spent making mistakes that I could probably easily avoid if I sat through a five minute video. But since that sounds like a fate worse than death, I avoid it at all costs.

So taking that into consideration, one of the things I didn’t like so much about Optimize Press 2.0 was the learning curve. It really isn’t anything like its predecessor and I had to literally start all over in terms of learning how to use it.

Now, there are plenty of instructions and tutorials on their website. So the help is there, should you have enough sense to simply use it. This is more of a shortcoming on my end than a fault with the product.

But make no mistake, the new Optimize Press is more complicated and as such, can do significantly more than was possible in its first form.

I spent like an entire day playing around with it, making new pages and trying to learn how it all worked. It was kind of exhausting, to be honest. I still haven’t gotten it all sorted out, but I have made a good handful of pages so far, which you can check out here if you’d like to get an idea of what they look like:

And here is a page I created inside my new membership site for Kindle authors.

membership page example

I don’t know about you, but I think that looks pretty darn spiffy and since I am one of those weirdos who feels passionately about visuals and design, I basically dig that a lot.

My Exclusive Bonus Offer

Okay, so this is the part where I add a bonus for people who choose to buy this product through my affiliate link, which you can find sprinkled throughout this post as you may have noticed.

So what am I willing to throw in the deal to sweeten the pot for you?