Why I’ll Never Buy a Phone That Isn’t Made by Nokia

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Nokia6682 2 photoOkay, so this is actually a pretty cool story I have to share with you today.

First, let’s talk about my favorite brand of cell phone since I began using one. That, as the title would suggest, is undoubtedly Nokia.

I remember a couple years ago now, things were looking grim for my favorite maker of all things mobile. Well, okay..let’s be honest. Things haven’t exactly taken a turn for the better…yet.

But one fact remains: they have endured thus far. They are not dead yet, and I couldn’t be more happy about that.

In fact, I have recently read that they have given their most recent phone, the Lumina, to tons of Delta Air flight attendants and have a Windows tablet type device in the works to be released soon.

Why Touchscreens Do Not Make Phones Smart

That’s all fine and good, if you ask me. But I don’t want a Lumina, to be honest. I don’t want ANY phone that has a touchscreen. They demand more of your attention, when technology should never ask you for more than you’ve been forced to give it in the past.

For example, I can text and drive without ever really having to look down at my screen, if I have a phone with real buttons. I’m rather good at it even.

On a touchscreen?  Yeah fucking right.

So why would I use a phone that is far less efficient than what I am used to? If you answered that I won’t, you’d be correct and I’d give you a prize. If you are hopelessly in love with your damn iPhone for some reason, please see this link for more reasons why I hate devices like yours (sorry, it’s nothing personal…).

Prepaid Phones = Pain in the Ass

Back to my story. It begins around 2005, when I was still on a prepaid plan with Cingular (AT&T) because no one was going to let me sign a contract once they’d ran a credit check.

What did this mean for me, the consumer? It meant paying around $500 per month for phone service that shut off immediately once it ran out of minutes. It also meant AT LEAST one daily run to 7 11 to purchase more minutes, usually in either $15 or $25 increments.

Shittiest of all, it meant paying FULL retail prices for any phone I wanted. They don’t give you phones for free with prepaid plans, so when I wanted a specific phone I had to pay full price to get it.

This obviously sucked serious ass. But I WAS making a shit ton of money back then, working as an escort. It wasn’t much of an issue.

My Love Affair With the Nokia 6682

So on a summer day in 2005, I wandered into the Cingular store in Wilsonville, OR to buy a replacement phone for the last one I broke or lost, I don’t remember which.

It was in that store and on that day that I first lay eyes on the then new Nokia 6682. See the picture above on the left to behold it’s perfection.

It was proof that love at first sight was real because it had just happened to me. I knew I wanted it immediately, but when I looked at the price tag it was a whopping $500+. Ouch!

Wouldn’t have been much to me, if I didn’t have an expensive addiction that I was spending around $3,600 per month on. I’d have to hold off for now.

Several months after this first encounter I had with the Nokia 6682, I met with a new client who had a ton of nice, newer phones and offered to give me one with a contract plan in exchange for meeting once a month or so.

I of course said yes and couldn’t contain myself when I saw that he had one of these Nokias I so lusted for.

And so it was mine. I used it in ways I’d never been able to use a mobile phone. For example, it was super easy to add all my appointments with clients to the calendar and I did this for about a year, keeping track of how much money I had made without too much trouble.

It had a badass camera that took great quality photos at that time as well. I loved the size of the phone and how it could easily be held in one hand and used for sending text messages without ever needing my other one.

Okay, that sounded wrong. I wasn’t sending dirty texts, I promise! Like I said, I was usually driving.

The iPhone Did Not Offer Anything New (That Was Useful)

So back to our story now…I loved the shit out of that damn phone until an ex boyfriend jacked it and it was lost forever. Enter sad emoticon here please.

Since then, phones have turned into hybrid pieces of shit that suck as both phones and the computers they are pathetically trying to become. I hate it when people act as if they really didn’t know that you could access the internet using cell phones WAY before the iPhone was released.

Sure, the screen was smaller than a computer. That’s what made it a PHONE for fuck’s sake. Why would I want a phone with a screen the size of my computer? Yeah, you guessed it…I DON’T!

Some of this is just about laziness. When I was escorting, I could fucking post a Craigslist ad with a Nokia phone that was even older than the 6682 (I believe it was their first flip phone, in fact).

The ironic thing here is that using the web on older phones was actually much closer to the PC experience when browsing the web. Sure, it helped if a site had a mobile version. That made for easier scrolling around and shit. However, it DID NOT necessitate douchebaggy fucking apps and I was a fan of that.

Mobile versions of websites was something we needed, apps were most certainly fucking not.

Onto my next point…

I eventually became so frustrated with the increasing stupidity of new phone models and disgusted with the entire world’s blind acceptance of and even fanaticism for these dumbfuck devices. So much so that I stopped using a cell phone altogether (I fucking refuse to call them smartphones).

My Search to Replace the Nokia 6682

So recently, I decided that I MUST get my hands on another one of these phones, no matter the cost. I would sell my soul to get one in decent condition. I started searching online for one. Found a listing on eBay, but the condition was poor to fair and it looked pretty banged up from the photo. *sigh*

In a last ditch effort to find one, I went to Nokia’s website and wrote their customer support. Here is what my email said:

I fell in love with the Nokia 6682 back in 2005 when I first bought it. I would do ANYTHING to get my hands on one of them, but I can’t find one anywhere. I’ve searched the web, eBay, Craigslist, Amazon….I’m desperate! I’d pay serious bucks if I could just get one of them, is there any way you can help me? Please? I am serious. I have completely given up using a cell phone at all since touchscreens became popular because I hate them and think they are less efficient. Please help me out here, I love Nokia phones and have been using them for many years.

Several days later I receive a response, which I hadn’t really expected. It read:

Hi Ashly,
Thank you for contacting Nokia Careline.

We are glad to hear that you love Nokia phones. You mentioned that you want to purchase a Nokia 6682. We would like to inform you that you may purchase the device from Amazon. Please refer to the link provided below:


Please type in Nokia 6682 and scroll down to see the device.

You may also contact your preferred service provider and verify if they have available.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again. To ensure proper handling of your case, kindly continue using the current subject line.

You may also call Nokia Careline at 1-888-665-4228 from Mondays to Fridays at 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST (closed on national public holidays) for immediate assistance.

I did as instructed, and sure enough it was there. A used Nokia 6682 that wasn’t unlocked, but I could always get that fixed once it was in my hands. I ordered it immediately.

The fact that they took the time to look into this for me truly blew me away. Rock on, guys!

Long Live Nokia!

When has a company surprised you with outstanding service or helpful tips like this? Share in the comments.

P.S. Here is a fun fact: did you know that the Nokia corporation dates all the way back to 1865?! I learned that while researching for this post, but they obviously weren’t making cell phones then.

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